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On May 15th, The New England Garrison travelled to the Providence Community Library in Providence, Rhode Island, to support Star Wars author Ryder Windham as he did an appearance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Ryder Windham is an author with over fifty Star Wars books to his name, and was one of the editors for the Star Wars line at Dark Horse comics, and his recent book, The Complete Vader, was released in October of last year.

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The troop itself was by all accounts a fun one, with the library, the people who attended and Ryder himself appreciative of our appearance throughout the event. During our time there, Ryder held a presentation on the fifth Star Wars movie, the Empire Strikes Back, which sees its 30th Anniversary this year. Ryder noted that the film had been one to watch with caution, with a new crew associated with it, but it ultimately resulted in the best film of the franchise. The Garrison was present throughout the presentation, and afterwards, went out amongst the patrons to pose for photographs.

The Garrison would like to thank Ryder for his continued support of the Garrison, and hopes to see him soon!

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