Phil Maiewski, of the NEG, has completed his latest costume, appropriately, Commander Fil from the Clone Wars Cartoon.

From his blog:

I’d actually wanted to do an Animated Clone suit for years now.  Way back when Brian “Stormtrooperguy” Anderson first made the helmet for what would become the WCA kit, I jumped on the band wagon and managed to snag version 1 of his helmet.  So I’ve been planning this Animated Clone for a while.  Over the summer I found out about Commander Fil; a minor Clone Commander that appeared in one episode and died, but dammit, his name is “Fil”.  I couldn’t NOT make a suit for this guy.  Besides, he’s got all the accessories I like on the Clone Commanders that I felt I could do well (kama-skirt, mantle/pauldron, twin pistols) and none of the ones I’d likely mess up (Rangefinder, radio shoulder bell, Cody/Fox visor).

Fil (Full, rather) article here.

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