On a damp and windy Sunday in October, members of the 501st Legion – New England Garrison, Rebel Legion – Alderaan Base, and the Mandalorian Mercs – Firaxan and Wampa Clans marching on the streets of Woburn for the annual Lion’s Club Halloween Parade. Despite the less than favorable weather conditions these fine troopers stood their ground and walked along Route 38 to greet the fans who came out. There was everything from Jedi and a Clonetrooper, to TIE Pilots and X-Wing Pilots, soldiers of the Empire, followed by Bounty Hunters leading Darth Vader and the Emperor with a captured Luke Skywalker. For two years in a row bad weather has tried to stop us, and failed!

Photos from this event can be found in our Photo Gallery by clicking on the link. http://www.501neg.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=1407

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