On Saturday June 8, 2013, the Intergalactic Alliance organization (IA) hosted science fiction affiliated costumers to march in the Boston LGBT Pride Parade. Members of the 501st who marched were critical to Intergalactic Alliance’s successful first appearance at the parade. There was enthusiastic, remarkably friendly response from the parade attendees, and lots of fun for all involved. The IA is especially grateful to all 501st members that supported the event. Divvy Kuy (SL-7870) and Krista Carmichael (IG-1682), founded the Intergalactic Alliance as a means for different genres of costumers to march in unity at social and charitable events. Giving opportunity for fellow costumers to experience this parade was important to Divvy and Krista. As Divvy stated, “I truly believe that if people can put aside whatever preconceived notion of what Gay Pride is, they would certainly have an amazing and eye opening experience.” It was another successful mission for the 501st, and hopefully, the first of future successful missions for the Intergalactic Alliance.


To see more photos from this event visit our Flickr page here:

2 Responses to “Boston Pride Day Parade – Boston, MA – 06/08/13”

  1. ellyn delaney says:

    My husband and i would like
    to known how you would join
    thank you
    Ellyn delaney

  2. jedioutcast77 says:

    Good morning Ellyn,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your post, we are in the process of (trying to) upgrade the site and did not see this comment until now. The first step you and your husband can take to join our group is for each of you to register for an account on our forum. Click on this link and fill out the information, then someone will be in touch to help you complete the process. Once you have an account on our forum you will be able to chat with our members and gain some insight into where we get the parts for our costumes and how we make them.

    – Mike

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