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We are members of two costuming groups known as the New England Garrison and Alderaan Base, local units of the 501st and Rebel Legions. Our costumes portray characters from all six of the Star Wars movies, as well as from television, video games, novels and comics. The New England Garrison specializes in the villians like Stormtroopers, Bounty Hunters, and Sith Lords; while Alderaan Base specializes in the heroes like X-Wing pilots, Senators, and Jedi.


When scrolling through this request form, please fill out as much information as you can so we may process your event request. While it is not required, we prefer 30 day advance notice to plan for an event. This allows us time to try and assemble a team of costumers, as well as work out all details with you. Anyone submitting a request through this form should be someone who has authority at the event and should be over 18 years of age.


In general we do not attend private functions, such as children’s birthday parties or weddings. However, if there are special circumstances we’d be happy to give it due consideration. We apologize in advance for any disappointment this may cause.


  • Payment for making an appearance

We do not directly accept any kind of payment for appearing at events however we always welcome charitable donations made in our name. We have a wide range of charities that we work with year-round and can supply you with the information for making such a donation. If you have a charity that holds a special meaning to you we would be more than happy to support them in our efforts as well.


  • Disclaimer

The 501st and Rebel Legions are volunteer groups and as such, we cannot guarantee members will be available on the date and/or time you choose. Since we can not guarantee member availability to your event please do not advertise our participation in any way until after we have confirmed that we will be there.


The 501st and Rebel Legions cannot make appearances to help promote a business or sales of any kind unless the event directly pertains to an authorized LucasFilm, LucasArts or LucasFilm affiliate company promotional event. We can also not make any appearances that have a religious or political backing. If you are not sure if this applies to your event, please ask. All inquiries about event requests can be sent to


Also of note, at the request of Lucasfilm, LTD. it is the policy of our organizations to refrain from any lightsaber dueling, mock fighting or demonstrations between the characters and the public and amongst the characters in a public setting where injuries could occur. Thank you for your understanding.



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Thank you for inviting us to your event. You will receive an email confirming your request was received and one of our Event Coordinators will contact you within a week.